Sunday, September 19, 2021

Scuba Diving - Should i End All the Staff?

 Tipping etiquette is one particular subjects that always causes concern and even embarrassment. Many of us often find ourselves thinking, should I tip? How much is just a reasonable amount to tip? As well as who should I tip? That is further complicated abroad when we're perhaps not as knowledgeable about local customs and expectations.

Whilst I feel strongly that none should feel under pressure to tip, specially if you're not a satisfied customer, I actually do feel that it's good to tip, after all in addition to ensuring you take pleasure in the dive, your scuba instructors & dive masters are in charge of your safety through the entire dive, so it's good to exhibit appreciation for this padi divemaster. The boat crew also have a significant role to play when it comes to making sure you're safe, and also in several overseas countries they are not paid greatly due to their services and survive on the generosity of tourists rather than their wages alone.

It's customary to tip the captain and the divemaster or instructor. I'd recommend daily tipping, however if you know you is going to be diving with the same divemaster and crew for the duration of one's stay, then it is obviously perfectly acceptable to tip at the end. With regards to a fair amount to tip, for the boat crew typically 10 - 15% is perfectly reasonable, and for the dive master 15% is totally fine, perhaps more should you feel the service received was above and away from expectations.

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